Our Company


JAVITECH ATLANTIC is a Nova Scotia owned and operated business with our head office located in Halifax. Our focus is to provide research, training and monitoring services to both the commercial fishing industry and government agencies.


Effective Project Management

JAVITECH ATLANTIC management ensures that our services are provided in a flexible cost conscious manner that emphasizes quality, accountability and confidentiality.


Qualified Field Technicians

JAVITECH ATLANTIC has highly experienced field technicians that are skilled in the collection of dependable raw data either at sea or ashore providing technical reports to support data collected in the field.


Fisheries Observer Program

Since 1995 the partners of JAVITECH ATLANTIC have managed, trained and provided Fisheries Observers on the east coast of Canada. We have also provided our expertise to further the development of the Canadian Observer Program, in addition to similar programs in Europe, Asia and the United States. 


Research & Surveys

With our team of technicians JAVITECH ATLANTIC provides reliable data collection and dependable field research at sea, at the wharf and ashore.



JAVITECH ATLANTIC manages an ongoing training program for its current employees and new recruits. The training we provide ranges from brief hour-long seminars to extensive month-long courses. We have trained fisheries personnel from over 10 countries. 

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